Charles Frost

Founder, President

I started my career in law enforcement, but I was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit, and saw an opportunity to make a difference in the janitorial cleaning experience. Xtreme Cleaners was started in a small room in my basement in 2018. I was able to identify what clients needed, and created unique, personalized experiences for each client.

As word got out about our professional and reliable approach to service, Xtreme Cleaners' business grew steadily every year. We have outgrown our basement office and moved into our first office location. Through solid relationships and referrals, Xtreme Cleaners' client base continues to grow – and so does our commitment to service.

Our secret? Treating clients like family. Our clients are not just a number. You are our family, which means you will be treated like it. Everyone’s different. Some people want to oversee every single detail: some people just want you to handle it and tell them when it’s over. Whatever the client needs, Xtreme Cleaners goes the extra mile to give it to them.

Today we have over 28 employees and hundreds of vendor partners in two states. Our company continues to evolve and adapt, defining our processes to enable us to better serve our clients. We truly believe that building a company is really building a team of people who can help you grow your company. We’re always open to change. If somebody has a good idea, we’ll listen to it.