Construction Cleanup

Construction cleanup specialists. Top rated certified professionals will put the finishing touches on any construction project! 

Our construction clean up crews deliver affordable, thorough and fast cleanups so that recently renovated or newly built houses or buildings are ready to be used. Xtreme Cleaners Cleaning Services skilled employees have the latest tools and technology to tackle any construction job. Our services are designed for:

Home owners who have renovated their home

Home builders looking to add the final touch

General Contractors that need an area cleaned for final inspection 

Businesses needing to open in a timely manner 

Post Construction Cleanup

At Xtreme Cleaners Cleaning Services we handle a variety of construction cleanups. We will remove extra materials and debris, staging your project for move in and opening of the business. Whether it is a basic clean up or a deep cleaning inside a new construction or home, our specialists are here to tackle the toughest jobs.

Our ownership is hands on throughout the entire process. We ensure 100% compliance with OSHA guidelines and maintain the highest level of safety throughout the cleanup.

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